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My name is Jim and I am the “The Quiz Inquisitor” welcome to my website.

I have been hosting and taking part in quiz nights for over 20 years now. Just over 10 years ago I decided to use the new technology of the internet to help out my fellow quiz masters. Therefore, in doing so I decided to create some pub quiz questions which would be good enough to wet the appetite of the more advanced quizzers, but balanced enough to engage the more light hearted contenders.

A few years later I decided to turn my hobby into a business, the site was expanded and more quizzes were added weekly.

Then 6 years ago I became quizmaster at my local pub on Thursday nights. Now those nights have produced over 300 pub quizzes. I have compiled thousands of questions suitable for people aged between 18 to 80 years of age. As mentioned I aim to keep the quizzes light but with enough bite for the more serious quizzers.

In days gone by it was all about reference books, encyclopaedias, and cutting out pictures from newspapers or photocopying. Nevertheless, you still had to work out the balance of questions to give the teams a fair chance of doing well on the night.

Now modern technology has made my job of compiling pub quiz questions a lot easier but still compelling.

I like to think the site takes the time consuming job of compiling your quiz night out of your hands and into the one stop shop you need. You can browse our fee quiz questions to judge the standard of my work.

You may be right in saying there are hundreds of websites offering hundreds if not thousands of free questions, why not go there: however you still have to copy and paste, compile, and spend time thinking about which ones to use for your evening. I have done all the hard work for you at the cost of around a £1 a table.

Thank you for visiting the website and happy quizzing.

Jim - The Quiz Inquisitor


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