1. What nationality is Jean Marc Bosman, famous for his "Bosman ruling" affecting football throughout Europe?

2. In which country was England cricket captain Nasser Hussein born?

3. Who was the first professional footballer to be knighted?

4. Which Spanish football team play at the Nou Camp stadium?

5. Which cricket ground is the headquarters of the MCC?

6. In which decade did Lester Piggot first win the Derby?

7. What four tournaments make up golf's grand slam?

8. What nationality was motor racing legend "Juan Fangio"?

9. In which sport is "The Federation Cup" contested?

10. In which sport are competitors forbidden to play left handed?

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1. Belgian

2. India

3. Sir Stanley Matthews

4. Barcelona

5. Lords

6. 1950s

7. The Open, US Open, US Masters, US PGA

8. Argentinean

9. Ladies Tennis

10. Polo