1. How many words were spoken in the Mel Brookes film "Silent Movie"??

2. In which Bond film does "Oddjob" appear?

3. Which actor played "Sam", the piano player, in the movie Casablanca?

4. Who played the title role in the film "Shirley Valentine"?

5. Who starred in the film "A Night in Casablanca"?

6. Who was the British actor who won an oscar for his part in "The Bridge over the River Kwai"?

7. What nationality is the actor "Donald Sutherland" Walter Matthau starred as a slovenly sports reporter in the film "The Odd Couple".

8. What was his character name in the film?

9. What is Batman's off duty name?

10. In which film did Whoopi Goldberg play a character called "Deloris"?

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1. One

2. Goldfinger

3. Dooley Wilson

4. Pauline Collins

5. The Marx Brothers

6. Sir Alec Guinness

7. Canadian

8. Oscar Madison

9. Bruce Wayne

10. Sister Act