1. In which British Town did Michael Ryan run riot killing 14 people?

2. What nationality was the famous murderer "Dr Crippen"?

3. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?

4. Which denomination bank note did the Bank of England introduce in 1752 and withdraw in 1945?

5. By what name was the Scottish outlaw Robert McGregor better known?

6. Who was Vice President when Ronald Reagan was President?

7. In which decade was the thirty miles per hour speed limit in built up areas in Britain introduced?

8. Who replaced Paddy Ashdown as leader of the Liberal Democrats?

9. Why was "Elm Street" in the news in 1963??

10. What was the "Wright Brothers" first plane called??

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1. Hungerford

2. American

3. Anne Boleyn

4. £1,000

5. Rob Roy

6. George Bush

7. Thirties

8. Charles Kennedy

9. Where JF Kennedy was shot

10. Flyer