FREE QUIZZES - Science and Nature

1. What in the medical world was first classified into the A.O.B. system in 1902?

2. Which is the first animal listed in the Oxford English Dictionary?

3. What organs does Silicosis affect?

4. Where would you hurt if you were kicked in the Tarsus?

5. Who discovered penicillin?

6. By what name is a young squirrel known?

7. Which metal is liquid at normal temperatures?

8. What is the fifth planet in our solar system?

9. What is vitamin C deficiency better known as?

10. What type of animal is an Australian talking about when he refers to Jumbuck?

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1. Blood

2. Aardvark

3. Lungs

4. Ankle

5. Sir Alexander Fleming

6. Kitten

7. Mercury

8. Jupiter

9. Scurvy

10. Sheep