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FREE QUIZZES - General Knowledge Quiz

1. What nickname was given to the day when over £100billion was wiped off the value of shares in the city of London?

2. What does the acronym SCUBA stand for??

3. What word is used in international radio communications to denote the letter "L"?

4. Which scheme allows a person's legal costs to be paid by public funds?

5. By what first name is a plane's automatic pilot commonly known?

6. By what other name is the abominable snowman called??

7. Which one word can mean all the following: a water bird, to bend down, or zero score?

8. What is the actor's union known as?

9. What letter represents the number 500 in Roman Numerals?

10. Tsar Kolokol in Moscow is the world's largest what?

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1. Black Monday

2. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

3. Lima

4. Legal Aid

5. George

6. Yeti

7. Duck

8. Equity

9. D

10. Bell