FREE QUIZZES - Geography

1. Which peak overlooks the city of Capetown?

2. Which is the highest mountain in England?

3. In which county would you find "Stonehenge"?

4. In which British county is "Bishop Auckland"?

5. What are the flat treeless plains of Argentina called?

6. Which English city has an annual "Goose Fair"?

7. What is the capital of the Philippines?

8. Where would you find "The Pensacola Mountains"?

9. What is the capital of the Bahamas?

10. Near which Indian town is the "Taj Mahal" situated?

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1. Table Mountain

2. Scafell Pike

3. Wiltshire

4. County Durham

5. Pampas

6. Nottingham

7. Manila

8. Antartica

9. Nassau

10. Agra