1. Which Cartoonist created "Andy Capp"?

2. What is the US equivalent of the British Music Hall entertainment called?

3. In children's books written by the Duchess of York, who or what is "Budgie"?

4. Which Shakespeare play was the inspiration for the hit musical "West Side Story"?

5. In the nursery rhyme how many blackbirds were baked in a pie?

6. Who did the factory that Charlie Bucket visited in a Roald Dahl story belong to?

7. Who was the first DJ to be heard on Radio 1?

8. Which shipwrecked sailor settled a war between King Bombo and King Little?

9. Where is Rupert the Bear's home village?

10. Who wrote "The Jungle Book"?

Show answers

1. Reg Smythe

2. Vaudeville

3. Helicopter

4. Romeo and Juliet

5. 24

6. Willie Wonka

7. Tony Blackburn

8. Gulliver

9. Nutwood

10 Rudyard Kipling